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Search Engine Optimization - A Successful Case Study: High Search Engine Rankings Make the Phone Ring

When the executives of Accu-Tech Automation, a small manufacturer of custom parts-feeding systems, approached MarketWise Solutions for assistance with lead generation, they did not have any specific marketing tactics in mind.  Founder Brian Rhinehart and company manager Cheryl Hoch just knew they needed more and better-qualified sales leads.

One of the immediate tactics MarketWise Solutions implemented was to "optimize" Accu-Tech's website so that it appeared at or near the top of the major Internet search engines when people searched for keywords or phrases that are relevant to Accu-Tech's business.  In this case, a total redevelopment of the site was done, but in other situations, MarketWise Solutions would only focus on optimizing the existing site.  Accu-Tech's previous site was not found in the top 100 results on any of the major search engines, and the look and feel of the site was not what the company desired, so some more extensive work was in order.

Accu-Tech's new, optimized site went online just after Thanksgiving 2002 (www.AccuTechAutomation.com or www.Accu-TechAutomation.com).  By the end of January 2003, a mere nine weeks later, Accu-Tech was ranked highly on the major search engines for most of their important keywords.  As the enclosed printout proves, Accu-Tech was even listed #1 on Google, the leading search engine in the world!

As a direct result of this exposure, the phone started ringing, and Accu-Tech was brought into contact with qualified prospects the company never would have known about.  Almost immediately, the company received four significant leads from qualified, "ready-to-buy" prospects.  These leads resulted in several face-to-face meetings, some proposals, and one sale — the larger projects are still in the sales process, but should result in some additional closed orders.

In Accu-Tech's case, most of the important search engine spiders crawled and indexed the new site within three and a half weeks.  The first lead from a search engine listing came about a week later, which prompted Cheryl Hoch to write an email stating, "We received a phone call when they found us listed #1 for 'vibratory bowl coating' on Google.  Brian loved that!  It is a pleasure working with all of you."   Accu-Tech completed the sales process and closed the deal shortly thereafter, and they have since received additional phone inquiries about bowl coatings based on web search results. In fact, Google ranked Accu-Tech in positions #1 and #2 on Page 1 of those results, out of more than 1,400 listings (again, see enclosed printout of Google's results page).

Because "Information Relevancy" is the prime determinant in establishing search engine rankings, one of the important factors in achieving Accu-Tech’s rankings success was the decision to allow MarketWise Solutions to re-develop their website from the bottom, and moving up, rather than the common top to bottom development method.  Here’s what we mean:

Developing a website from the bottom, means we are primarily focused on third level pages and building each of those pages around certain keywords.  This shifts the focus of a website from a generalized online brochure to a solution-specific knowledge base that is highly relevant to decision-makers.  By researching the most important keyword phrases – the phrases these decision-makers actually search for – MarketWise Solutions is able to create and deliver pages to them that provide the most meaningful information.  This approach also gets these pages to the top of the search engines.

An additional significant factor in Accu-Tech’s optimization success is that Brian and Cheryl trusted MarketWise Solutions, a vendor they had never worked with before, to implement a tactic with which they had no familiarity.  Sometimes, when the going gets tough, the tough get courageous – and courage motivates us to reach out for something new as a means of expanding our potential.

For more information about how you can courageously grow your sales potential, contact Marketwise Solutions at 317-564-4898 or Info@MarketWiseSolutions.com.

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