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Search Engine Optimization - Getting Top Search Rankings on Google and Others

As a full service B2B Lead Generation company, we focus a great deal of our attention on all the methods used to generate leads. One of those methods, Internet search engines, has become increasingly more important over the years. More and more engineers, purchasing managers, project managers, and other decision-makers are using search engines to find new or alternative sources for the industrial products and services they need.

Important Note: "THIS IS NOT ABOUT "E-COMMERCE" (e-commerce is the actual purchase of goods directly through a website), but rather, it is about quickly finding the best products or services to meet a company's needs.. Quite simply, it is about "searching." In just a few moments on Google, any company can find nearly every new or alternative source for the products and services they need. With a simple email, and the click of a mouse, contact can be made with any one, or all, of these companies.

By using the keywords that best describe a certain product or service, a sophisticated search engine like Google can find nearly every distinct page on the Internet that relates to those words (and do so in about 1 second or less). This is great for the companies that have high rankings for these searches (i.e. the first several pages), but if your company isn't in these first few pages (or doesn't show up at all), you are simply not competing in the Internet marketplace.

This may sound like an alarmist's exaggeration, but consider the following items:
  • Major industrial directories, like ThomasNet, have seen this phenomenon, and have taken action to be a part of it (i.e. buying keywords to get their own directory's topics listed, and highly ranked, on Google and other major search engines).

  • A report by Forresters Research concluded that more than 80% of all B2B purchases are researched first on the Internet.

  • Multiple news articles have appeared over the years in everything from Advertising Age to the New York Times, all covering the growing use of search engines and their importance in the purchasing decisions of today's companies.

  • The New York Times even declared that we are now living in the "Google Economy."

With no doubt of an increasing reliance on Internet search engines, the important issue for you and your company becomes how high you rank for searches involving the keywords associated with your products and services. A new industry, called "Search Engine Optimization", or SEO, has emerged, specifically to address this growing need in the business community. The SEO industry, already complete with a national association, professional certification tests, etc., has settled in for a long, busy ride, but search engine optimization really isn't that difficult...once you know the New Rules.

The Old Rules (i.e. use some meta tags and submit your site to Yahoo and/or a mutli-site submission service) are as outdated as telephone modems (our apologies if you are still using one). The new search engine optimization rules are a bit more elaborate and lengthy, but they are relatively inexpensive and painless to implement. MarketWise Solutions has spent years studying this subject. We have achieved many page one Google rankings for our clients, so our system has been proven many times, and we are confident that our approach will continue to work. Although the ground continues to move a little under our feet, we are focused on maintaining our high level of knowledge in this area.

If you aren't happy with your existing search engine rankings (especially on Google), we hope you contact us, but if you choose to work with someone else, make sure they can answer the question, "what do you consider a fully optimized website?" If they give you a blank stare, followed by some mumbo jumbo about meta tags and a service they use to submit your site to thousands of search engines, and they say nothing about content-based keywords, keyword research, focused and unique page titles and headlines, bottom-up rather than top-down development, etc., you might want to look for another source.

If their story sounds good, ask for a couple of their most highly-optimized websites and a list of keywords that would most likely be used to find them, then check it out (also, make sure the Google searches you conduct contain a large number of results - it isn't too difficult to be ranked in the top 10 if there are only 12 results - note: this situation will only occur with some very obscure products or industry terms).

It is also a good idea to see how much your source knows about paid search engine placement / Pay-Per-Click (PPC). In some extremely competitive industries, PPC may be necessary. If this is required, we develop a comprehensive plan called a Search Engine Exposure Plan (SEEP). These plans are surprisingly affordable. Since search engine optimization is still a relatively new concept (actually it isn't new to us, but it is new to many), when it is done properly today, it can deliver huge benefits that will help the site stay highly ranked for years to come. As more and more sites get optimized, it will be easier for sites already near the top to stay there (due to their history of traffic), than it will be for new sites to get established there. As this time comes, it may become more common to rely on paid placements. Regardless, going after the highest rankings possible now, while excellent, free rankings are still attainable, is the most effective and proactive approach.

If you need assistance in this area, or any area of B2B marketing, give us a call at 317-564-4898 to set up an exploratory meeting, learn more about us, and see how we can help. MarketWise Solutions is a very different type of marketing company. Everyday, we help companies like yours generate more qualified leads by implementing various methods including prospect list building, direct mailings, outbound qualifying phone calls, customer retention efforts, and more. In the area of Internet lead generation, we can develop or re-develop your entire site using our search engine optimization techniques, or we can simply optimize your existing site.

We specialize in "B2B Lead Generation" for small industrial manufacturing and engineering-oriented service firms. Complex technical products and services are our specialty. We function as an extension of your company, truly becoming your marketing department. We are also affordable (or possibly even free, when you consider the qualified leads we generate). We look forward to hearing from you, and to becoming your most valued marketing resource.

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