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How to Prepare Your Marketing Effort

The economic indicators, though still a bit uncertain, seem to be pointing in the direction of some modest growth. Is your marketing effort in a position to capitalize on this growth? You should be proactively contacting all of the prospects for your products and services in advance of their needs, which may be right now. It is a near certainty that our economy, once it ramps up, will grow at a much slower pace than in the past, so the competition is going to be more fierce than ever. You need to give your company an advantage!

You've heard it many times before... "people buy from relationships"... and this could never be more true than today. Building relationships with your prospects, as well as your existing customers, is crucial for success in a highly competitive market. The following is a short list of important steps you need to be taking right now:
  • Identify your best markets to pursue, & your best prospects in those markets.

  • Build and maintain relationships with those prospects, through mailings, PR, outbound calling, etc.

  • Implement a proactive customer retention effort.

  • Develop a comprehensive industry exposure plan (shows, ads, PR, etc.) to reach your prospects and customers in the most effective, but least expensive manner possible. - Consider developing some trade publication articles.

  • Optimize your website to get higher search engine rankings on Google and others. - Your goal is to get ranked in the first few pages of Google's results.
These tasks are neither expensive nor extremely complicated, but they do require resources and expertise that you may not have available. If you need assistance in these areas, give us a call at 317-564-4898 to set up an exploratory meeting, learn more about us, and see how we can help. MarketWise Solutions is a very different type of marketing company. Everyday, we help companies like yours generate more qualified leads by implementing the principles outlined above, as well as many others.

We specialize in "B2B Lead Generation" for small industrial manufacturing and engineering-oriented service firms. Complex technical products and services are our specialty. We function as an extension of your company, truly becoming your marketing department. We are also affordable (or possibly even free, when you consider the qualified leads we generate). We look forward to hearing from you, and to becoming your most valued marketing resource.

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